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Alpha Foods is dedicated to returning to the roots of a healthy diet and sustainable industry by bringing you delicious meat alternatives derived from plants. Savvy consumers demand products that focus on environmental and ethical awareness without compromising exceptional quality and taste. Alpha Foods has developed a unique line of plant-based proteins to satisfy the cravings of even the most voracious carnivore while maintaining our commitment to responsible practices.


Satisfying All Tastes

Our product offerings go beyond the vegan market by appealing to a broader audience of meat eaters. Our company aims to have a positive impact on animal welfare and the environment while on this journey towards a more sustainable food system. Developing plant-based protein options that are healthy, satisfying and — most importantly — delicious, is our mission.

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An Easy Choice

Alpha Foods aims to make going meatless an easy choice. We have elevated what plant-based products should taste like, starting with burgers and hot dogs. Our 35+ years of experience crafting meat-free items serves as the foundation for us to continually add innovative plant-based options for our customers to discover.


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