Our Philosophy

Alpha Foods believes in a future in which people are no longer reliant on animal proteins for sustenance. Breakthroughs in meatless alternatives are bringing us closer to that reality, and Alpha Foods is at the forefront of this healthier, more sustainable movement. We are committed to cultivating a comprehensive line of plant-based options that will change the way the world thinks about food.

Taste is Top Priority

Hand-Crafted Over 35 Years

By understanding the needs and trends of the food industry, Alpha Foods is able to develop innovative solutions to a global problem. Concerns about health, animal welfare and the environment are driving a shift away from current farming practices and causing consumers to seek out meatless options for their favorite meals. Improvements in plant-based alternatives make this possible, and Alpha Foods is primed to rise to the top of the food game with our protein-rich, GMO-free meat replacement options. From our tempting burgers to our famed Alpha Dogs, we’re leading the way in the growing market of plant-based nutrition.

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